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               SECTION 1: VARIABLES

               What is a variable?

               A variable is a quantity which can assume any value in a situation. This means that it
               is a value or an amount of something that can change.

               Different types of variables

               A variable can either be an independent variable or a dependent variable.

               The independent variable starts a situation or it is the variable that can be changed
               as you have control over it.

               The dependent variable arises from a situation or it is the result of the independent
               variable that changes.

               When trying to identify the independent and dependent variable it helps to ask the
               question: What two things are you measuring? Whatever they are, you will control
               one and the other one is out of your control.

               The variable that you control is the independent variable; the one you do not control,
               in  other  words,  the  outcome,  is  the  dependent  variable.  It  helps  to  put  it  into  a
               sentence - only one will make sense...

               Example: the time spent studying for a test causes a change in one’s test score. It
               does  not  make  sense  that  your  test  score  could  cause  a  change  in  the  time  you
               spent studying.

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