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Anyone in the world

Ivy Academy is an online digital distance education provider that not only provides students with online distance learning, but also with structure. The distance online learning of Ivy Academy may be distance, but it is far from distant in a student's academic journey because help is available every step of the way. Research shows that students perform better when there is a structure that must be adhered to and where they will be able to take ownership and responsibility for their studies. Ivy Academy learners will be able to complete their NSC (National Senior Certificate) part-time or full-time with the support and backing of a fully-fledged academic team and a world-class online platform known as Ivy Online. How does the structure work?


Live Classes

Ivy Academy has a team of well-qualified and dedicated teachers who provide live classes to students on a weekly basis. Timetables and schedules are given to students that indicate when these live classes need to be attended and what research and assessments need to be completed on the Ivy Online platform. Teachers report to the system on student attendance and progress, which students and parents will be able to view. This indicates a high level of structure that enables students to stay on track with the curriculum. What exactly is Ivy Online?


Ivy Online

Ivy Online is Ivy Academy’s online platform which boasts a high-calibre system similar to a type of student portal, but with so much more. Students use the platform to access an extensive amount of resources relevant to their studies and curricula. Some of the resources include e-books, diagnostic tools, lesson videos, as well as timetables and notifications. The platform also uses as a communication tool between teachers and students. According to the learners timetable, lesson videos, research and assessments will need to completed on Ivy Online by a certain date and time. This type of structure holds students accountable to the programme. 


Computer Support Centres and Academic Counselors

Ivy Academy offers extra support to learners in the form of computer centres and academic counselors. Students who need a different scenery from their home desk or want to interact with and be around other students can take advantage of the computer centres. If learners or parents have any queries concerning their curriculum, course of action or need advice on subject choices, then the academic counselors will be more than willing to assist. 


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